LYNXed by Fermax
LYNXed by Fermax

Mobile Application

LYNXed by Fermax

The Project

From any mobile, the VIVO door entry monitor by FERMAX allows you to control the your door, from anywhere worldwide.

Using this APP, calls received at the door entry panel can be diverted to mobile devices, where the user can view the visitor’s picture, set up communication with them and, if desired, open the door. If there is no one at home, the visitor will be none the wiser. You only need a 3G or WIFI connection to receive the call. The App is installed separately, and it doesn’t affect to the rest of the building’s residences. Once installed, the VIVO door entry monitor works as usual; users can directly answer the call…if there is someone at home. To use the LYNXed App it is necessary to have a LYNX router, a LYNX door entry panel and a VIVO door entry monitor.

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